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Personal Training

Personal Training

Our Personal training is just that, personal. No matter what level of fitness you are starting from, it is our mission to help you improve and feel better. All of our trainers have different styles and backgrounds, which helps us connect with each and every single person. We are here to give you direction, encourage you, and most importantly to hold you accountable to yourself and your goals.

Personal Training options: 50 min and 30 min Sessions

  • 1-on-1 (50 min. and 30 min. Sessions)

  • ​Small group (Maximum of 4 people)





The purpose of our strength class is to Improve movement quality. This class builds strength on basic movements like deadlift, bench press, and squat with proper movement quality. 

The three most important factors to building strength:

  •  Tracking

    • It is important to track/log all your workouts (exercises, sets, reps, date) to make sure you are progressing and not guessing about what you have done previously.

    • Those that do personal training and Strength classes, it is important that your trainer knows what you have done so they can program your workouts accordingly.

  • Frequency

    • It is important to try to create a consistent schedule for yourself.

    • Strength class structure: Monday and Tuesday workouts are the same, Wednesday is the second different workout for the week, and Thursday and Friday workouts are the third workout (again the same workout, so that everyone has the opportunity to get the strength workouts in the progressive manner that we design them as).

  • Nutrition

    • Make sure you eat something before you come to class so you don't crash and burn mid-workout. We often suggest having a protein shake right after class to ensure that your body has the nutrients it needs to recover from the work and jump start the process of building muscle.

    • We emphasize to all of our community you have to "Eat to perform"- don't starve yourself!


Our conditioning class at OG Performance is designed as a secondary mode of training to those that currently participate in a different primary mode of training. These classes can be beneficial whether you train with us in a private setting, are a runner, or as primary mode of training if you aren't currently involved in a fitness program. The main focus of the conditioning classes is to aid the body in recovery from resistance training through a short bout of total body, high intensity exercise. These workouts are most effective when used on non-training days as part of active recovery but  can also be used to amplify the fat burning effects when performed after resistance training.  


Cardio class combines elements of strength, endurance, and power along with high intensity interval training.  Cardio class uses rowing, air assault biking, and treadmill (power walking, jogging or running) to work through periods of elevating and lowering the heart rate.  High Intensity Interval training is a proven way to increase aerobic capacity while fostering the growth of lean muscle mass and decreasing (burning off) fat mass.  Cardio class is readily doable for ALL levels of fitness.  


Resistance class will provide a supplement to the strength classes.  The exercises done in class will enhance the movements focused on in strength class (squat, bench, deadlift).  Resistance class will provide resistance training through use of dumbbells, kettle bells, TRX, and some barbell movements (excluding barbell squat, bench, and deadlifts).  



OG Athletics (30 min)

6-8 yrs old

9-12 yrs old

7th-9th grade


This class is a quick-paced 30-min class that is after school at varying times depending on their age group. It is perfect for any kid looking to improve their speed and agility, as well as their ability to respond and react in a team environment.

Strength and Conditioning (1 hr)

13-15 yrs old

This one hour class works on strength, speed and agility in a progressive fashion. It is the ultimate class for athletes who want to prepare for competitive sports, and improve on any areas that may be lacking. It's challenging and fast-paced, so athletes are expected to come ready to work!

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